by Mended

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/15 White
/35 Smokey


released June 2, 2017

All songs written and performed by Mended
Recorded at Like Minded Company in Muncie, IN
Engineered, mixed, and mastered by Trae Roberts
Cover art by Positive Rebellion Photo / Design



all rights reserved


Mended Madison, Wisconsin

Wisconsin Heavy

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Track Name: Paradoxical Killing
How do you decide who should live and who should die
Where do we draw the line
Innocent children being slaughtered at birth
A man who makes mistakes no longer breaths on this earth
You felt threatened so you shot a man dead
He lost his temper slammed a lamp against her head
Planes raining terror dropping bombs from the sky
Blowing up schools, children die, parents cry
Cities lie in ruins, now just desert and death
For border safety hundreds breath their last breath
Nobody deserves to die
Every person has the right to life
A life is not a privilege to be taken away
Why do we keep trying to solve problems this way
How do you determine whose life is worth living
How do you decide who should live and who should die
Where do we draw the line
Track Name: I Tried (But Now I'm Giving Up)
Get over it, get over it
Always wanting attention I will not give
Get over it, get over it
That's all that you tell me you just don't get it
I can't control how I feel, that's just the way that I am
Needed your love and comfort, you just gave me hospital beds
I don't do this for attention, I wish I knew why I did
You threw me off to the curb, without even a stutter
Can't believe I work so hard to feel love from my mother
I am so sick of this pain, the constant internal torment
Maybe I'll take this knife, make my brain lie dormant
Why should I cling onto life, you clearly don't want to have it
You are the one who made it, I just don't understand it
I guess I'm just a failure, yeah that must be it
Just put the noose around my neck, I'm fucking over it
Maybe now I'll feel loved as I float up above
Track Name: Waste Not Want Lots
Every single day I'm sick of seeing this shit
Why are we so blind to constant discrimination
Somebody new is dead a bullet caught in the back
Suspension with pay no justice for the dead
You're too worried where people make their beds
You can't even see the streets flooding red
Doesn't even matter till it happens to you
What about them that’s what they have to go through
Track Name: Disgust : Disgrace
No means no that so hard to figure out
Keep your hands off or I'll knock you out
Get away from me I'm not interested
You can't do this cause the clothes I'm wearing
No means no that so hard to figure out
Keep your hands off or I'll knock you out
I don't owe you cause you bought a drink
Don't deserve shit you're just a creep
Take a step back turn and run
Don't come back here or else you're done
Don’t deserve shit you’re just a creep
Take a step back don’t come back here